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Dimarzio norton vs Alnico pro 2 humbucker

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  • Dimarzio norton vs Alnico pro 2 humbucker

    Hi, My first post here but been around awhile.

    Is a norton tonally suited as a neck or a bridge pickup?

    I have a norton in my old washburn kc90 with a original parallel axis in the bridge. Now in my warmoth tele i have recently added a alnico pro 2 humbucker in the neck position and is my favorite neck humbucker ever. The tele is made of heavy ash and the washburn is basswood. Should i replace the norton and put it in an old dean ml which i have lying around?

    What are the tonal differences between the alnico 2 and the norton?

    What would you suggest i do?

    Many thanks

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    Re: Dimarzio norton vs Alnico pro 2 humbucker

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