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    What would you reccomend for a bridge pickup for an APC/Opeth type distorted sound? I know they're different, but that's just to give you an idea. Guitar is an Agile DC 2500 LP, Mahogany body, maple neck and cap, rosewood fingerboard.
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    Re: A Perfect Circle/Opeth

    I love those bands - good choice!
    IMO look at the JB, Custom and Distortion. You need something with good definition/clarity (for complex chords) yet toneful, and a decent enough clean sound. If it was me, of the three i would go for the JB, but listen to sound clips and what others here say. The JB probably has the best clean tone of the three and still has a great distortion sound (i think the guy in Tool uses one, if im not wrong), the custom maybe has more definition. I have no idea what pickups APF and Opeth actually use.

    If you ever change the neck pickup, I would get a lower output one like a 59. That would allow you to have a more versatile sound, better clean tones and warmer lead tones like those bands sometimes use.
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      Re: A Perfect Circle/Opeth

      Billy from APC uses Anderson pickups, I think - in LP Classics. James uses LP Customs, though I'm not sure about the pickups. I would venture a guess that a Custom or a DD would get you close though. Also keep in mind that they always tune to C#.
      Michael (the singer) from Opeth uses PRS's mostly, but I don't know what pickups. Peter uses mostly an old LP or a PRS according to the site. I would say a JB or Custom... maybe even a DD would cut it. I would probably stick to one of the first two, for versatility's sake...

      EDIT: and about the neck pup... I have a 59 in my SG, but after playing a Jazz, I would say the Jazz would be better... it felt a little tighter, and the cleans are more 'glassy' to my ear... maybe a little more modern-sounding.


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        Re: A Perfect Circle/Opeth

        The Opeth singer uses a set of SD-10 Full Shred in his main PRS guitar.
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          Re: A Perfect Circle/Opeth

          I am a huge APC fan and have had great success getting simialr tones with the Rio Grande BBQ, Duncan Custom, and stock BB Pro pickups....depending on the amp's EQ. If you want to go Duncan, I say Custom as the C-5 will get ya close but is pretty vintage. Believe it or BB pros sound a little more modern than when I had the C-5 in the LP.