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Which Pickup/s should i get?

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  • Which Pickup/s should i get?

    I have a mexican Tele. Only a couple of years old. I am after a far warmer, richer sound ( both lead and rhythm ) than I can current get through my amp.

    I want the lead to bite and rock but not sound tinny.

    Any suggestions ?

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    Re: Which Pickup/s should i get?

    Do you want to stay with a traditional Tele tone and pickup selection or are you willing to wander from that. A Tele Hot Rail and a lil59n Strat pickup will warm that guitar up and significantly increase the output.

    Quarter Pounders will also do the trick.

    Maybe just something warmer than stock will do the trick and SD has a few options there as well.

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      Re: Which Pickup/s should i get?

      Yeh I would reccomend the hotrails too! - high output lots of bass - nice and warm!
      Ive got one in my strat
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