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Good HB that splits well with SC (strat)

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  • Good HB that splits well with SC (strat)

    I wanna replace the humbucker in my Fender Strat. I put a lil 59 in the bridge and it sounds great, but possiton 2 really sounds awful with it. I have texas specials in neck and middle. I was thinking about getting the fender/duncan pearly gates (thats what they used in the old texas fat strats) but any other ideas?? I love the matchbox twenty, train, 3 doors down, candlebox sounds if that helps you any.

    thanks guys
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    Re: Good HB that splits well with SC (strat)

    Th efullsixe JB sounds good split, as does the CC. The JB might be bright in a strat, while a CC is always fat and round.
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      Re: Good HB that splits well with SC (strat)

      i much prefer the real pearly gates to the fender version, warmer tone that i think splits better as well