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  • Pickup installations.....

    Hi guys,

    I opened up two guitars the other night with the intention of swaping pickups but realized the current installation was nothing like the Duncan diagram i had in front of me. Why is that? are there a zillion different ways to wire up the same pickups? I was going to just gut the guitar and install new pots, caps, wire, etc and follow the Duncan diagram. Maybe I'll try that.

    Does it matter what type of wire I use? Gauge? I say this because it seems I may end up needing extra wire for the output jack, etc.

    I also noticed on this guitar and actually other guitars that the cap isn't wired between the pots....rather it seem wire from the tone pot terminal to the back of the pot. What is this?

    Also, my local shop carries CTS pots and Dimcarzio pots. Is there a difference? I was only going to replace the pots because there is so much solder on the back of the pots from the last guy who did this work for me.

    What about matched pots? Is it really important? I've heard of matched tubes.....but pots?


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    Yes, there are a number of ways to wire the same thing, my '335 copy was wired with the tone pot the way it seems to be with yours...(back of the pot)... I ripped all the electronic out of that thing and redid it according to the duncan schematics... it ends up being almost the same things... You could anyways just switch parts and wire it the same way (draw yourself a diagram of the way it's done before touching anything...). As far as pots, almost everyone seems to like CTS around here but I'll let somebody else help you on this... good luck!