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Pickup Setup -Heavy Metal?

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  • Pickup Setup -Heavy Metal?

    Hi everyone, i need some advice on some new pickups. Currently i have a Fender Standard Strat with 3 single coil pickups. They're not really giving me the sound i want. Im looking for a setup which would be Perfect for heavy metal, but also be versatile at playing other styles (blues,rock, country etc) average/good.
    What kind of setup and what kind of pickups should i use?
    This is the first time i'll be replacing the pickups and i dont want to **** up!

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    Re: Pickup Setup -Heavy Metal?

    First off, I recommend taking your pickguard off and seeing how your guitar is routed as far as pickup cavities are concerned. I recently did this to a strat I bought from a friend of mine and came to realize that I can use an H-S-S configuration if I wished (it's originally S-S-S). Try this out, and see what kind of spacings you have. Then work from there.

    Since you haven't done this before, I wouldn't recommend doing any routing jobs anytime soon. If you felt that it was necessary, however, you can send your guitar to a tech and have them do what you would like to do.

    As for what kind of pickups to use, I can't recommend any Duncans for you since I haven't tried any myself; I've been an EMG man for quite some time. I'll wait for someone else to make a pick.

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      Re: Pickup Setup -Heavy Metal?

      hmm anyone? i'm looking for more of a black metal sound (e.g Immortal, Emperor, Marduk) perhaps an EMG 81/85 combo? What do you guys think?


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        Re: Pickup Setup -Heavy Metal?

        I like EMG's. I think they're great, and with the addition of an EQ they're very versitile tone-wise.

        I like the 85n, 81b setup personally.
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          Re: Pickup Setup -Heavy Metal?

          If you're interested in EMG's, definately the 81/85 combo. Can't go wrong there.

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            Re: Pickup Setup -Heavy Metal?

            Marduk's Morgan Steinmeyer uses a H-S-S strat. i can't recall seeing him switch to the single coils while playing... so maybe you'd focus on the bridge pickup as an initial move.

            i'd refer to Nate's take on the situation, if your strat cavity can accomodate a bridge humbucker, then it's more viable to tread the humbucking path- more variety to choose from too.

            if you insist on a single coil sized humbucker, the JB Jr is a good unit to deal with high gain + other drive related tones.

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              Re: Pickup Setup -Heavy Metal?

              just took off my pickguard, and the only way to fit a humbucker in there is to use a H-S-S combination.
              perhaps i can buy a cheap Les Paul copy off Ebay and go from there?


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                Re: Pickup Setup -Heavy Metal?

                Hey BB; I'm a strong advocate of the "get-another-guitar" concept.
                Don't overlook the older MIA Peavey's for a nice 2nd, or 3rd guitar.
                Take a look at this webpage:

                Vintage Peavey Club

                On the left, click on Info, beneath Gitaar.

                Look at the Predator/Patriot, which are identical guitars except for the Kahler Flyer bridge and locking nut. The Patriot has single-coils in it, but they're in a humbucker opening.

                The T-15/T-60 are notable also. A slightly larger, (heavier), body, but both are great guitars.

                Look on eBay and you can find all of these going from $75 - $250 easily.
                And one last little Peavey plug - I like my new Peavey Gen, (non-ACM model), which is an HSS configuration, new for $166.

                Just a thought.



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                  Re: Pickup Setup -Heavy Metal?

                  those guitars look pretty good, im thinking of getting a Stagg L400 (les paul copy). i've read some good reviews of it, and it going on ebay pretty cheap - 42.