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Dual output schematics request.

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  • Dual output schematics request.

    Dear Tech,
    I am intending on setting up my Strat for a dual output.
    I have a humbucker for the bridge and two single coils. The way I am going to configure the controls is as follows:-
    1 split 500k pot for tone and volume of the humbucker which is connected to a 3 way toggle installed in the place of the bridge tone control ( so no drilling required) another split 500k pot for the volume and tone of all three pickups which are connected to the 5 way switch selector and the toggle for output 2. The toggle switch position one is for the bridge humbucker alone (not connected to 5 way switch). The middle toggle is for both outputs at once (meaning I can have a split sound of any strat pickup combination through a clean channel, combined with the overdriven humbucker sound on the other amp channel or other amp). And the 3rd toggle switch position is for clean sound only.
    So I have 2x500k split pots with orange drop capacitors, a three way toggle switch for output select, and a second jackplate on the back of the guitar for the other output (the front jackplate cavity is continued all the way through the guitar so they share the same cavity). Rather than experiment with lots of soldering and hairpulling, would it be possible for you to send me a schematic for this setup, which must exist somewhere?!
    Regards, mrmcc73.

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    Re: Dual output schematics request.

    Hmmm . . . this doesn't sound too difficult. Let me see what I can up with.

    BTW - Welcome to the forum.

    Edit: Ok, got it. I'll post the diagram when I get home. (About 2 hours.)
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      Re: Dual output schematics request.

      I think this does what you want:

      The 3-way switch must be the "Alco" style.

      3-way positions:

      1. Up: the 5-way works as normal, using the main vol/tone control, and sending the signal to output 1.
      2. Middle: the 5-way selects between neck / middle as normal going to output 1. The bridge uses vol/tone 2, going to output 2.
      3. Down: The bridge uses vol/tone 2, and goes to output 2, with output 1 turned off.

      I drew this in "schematical" form. If there's any part you don't understand, just ask.



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        Re: Dual output schematics request.

        Thanks for the schematic,,When I get it put together, I'll let you know how it sounds!
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