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can a strat sound like a tele?

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  • can a strat sound like a tele?

    I own a stratocaster and love it for rock and funk, but I also dabble in jazz, blues, and rockabilly. I would love to add a pickup that would make it sound like a telecaster (possibly the seymour duncan sls-1 "lipstick"). Does anyone know (a) if that's a compatible pickup with a strat (b) if it would give my guitar that telecaster tone, and (c) how and where to install it? Thanks. Chris

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    Re: can a strat sound like a tele?

    From the SD website......
    Twang Banger™ for Strat®
    see | dimensions
    APST-1 So you want both the twangy, muscular punch of a gutsy Tele®; and the chimey, bell-tone “quack” of a Strat®? No need to carry around two guitars. The APST-1 Twang Banger™ is designed to administer a big-time twang injection into your Strat for the best-of-both-worlds Tele®-plus-Strat® tone.
    One of the secrets is the copper-coated steel bottom plate. Combine that with the aggressive coil windings, the Alnico II magnets wrapped in plain enamel wire, and the result is a high-output, single coil, twang-beast.
    D.C. Resistance: 8.27K Ohms
    Resonant Peak: 5.6 KHz

    As far a installing it, if you can read instructions and have access and ability to solder it's very easy to do. BTW, welcome to the forum!
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      Re: can a strat sound like a tele?

      hey Chris....... i have a twangbanger in my strat and i do think its sounds quite a bit like a tele......but due to the different bridge say its more like 50/50 tele/strat sound

      heres a bare bones clip i made of the Twangbanger pickup...maybe it might help a bit:

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        Re: can a strat sound like a tele?

        Nice clip flank. Nice tone and twang.....I really dig it. I think the TB is what I'm going to put in the bridge of my new ash strat project, with the APS Flats in the neck and mid. How is the TB in the #4 position?
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          Re: can a strat sound like a tele?

          I think you can get close, even closer if the Strat in question is a hardtail, but there's an awful lot of wood missing on a Strat that's there on a Tele.


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            Re: can a strat sound like a tele?

            I've got a tapped Quarter Pound in the bridge of a MIM Strat, with APS II flats in the neck & middle. Added a steel plate under the QP and am using a master tone knob with a "dial-a-tap" in place of the second tone. Also have a push/pull to add the neck pup to the bridge (position 1) or have all 3 pups on (position 2).

            I can get a lot of twangy, country tone out of this guitar by playing with the dial-a-tap. The neck/bridge combo has a definite Tele flavor to it.

            This isn't the ultimate answer, just something that works ok for me. The Twangbanger sounds like a great pup, I just like the versatility of a tapped bridge pup that can be pretty hot & beefy or toned down and fairly tame like a vintage pup.

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