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anybody know anything about WCR pickups?

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  • anybody know anything about WCR pickups?

    I think thats what they're called...Jim Wagner's company. Apparently supposed to be high quality PAF substitutes, with names like "Fillmore" and "Crossroads" The clips they had on the website sounded very good, but that rarely means a whole lot. Has anybody had any experience with these? I'm not in the market for pickups now, but I was just wondering why I've never heard of these, since they seem to be so nice.

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    Re: anybody know anything about WCR pickups?

    They are very good, I've used the Crossroads, Fillmores, and Hercs. If you search a few of the popular forums (Les Paul Forum, The Gear Page, Birds and Moons), you'll find nothing but good stuff about these. They've also goten good reviews on Harmony-Central, not just by users, but as featured items on HC itself.