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New member - Questions About Pearly Gates

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  • New member - Questions About Pearly Gates

    I am a new member to this forum and i have a few questions about the Pearly Gates pickups.

    Will the Pearly Gates bridge pickup out of a Fender Lonestar Strat fit a Gibson Les Paul without any modification (including Gibson pickup cover)?

    Why is it so hard to find Pearly Gates pickups for sale online with the pickup covers included? Neither Musician's Friend nor Music 123 carry them in stock. Is there a good place online to get a decent discount on these including the covers?

    A Giibson phone rep told me that the pickups in my Epi Elite Les paul Standard are 490 Series Alnico II' the pickups that used to come in the Les paul Standards. He said they were similar to the Gibson 57 Classics, but with an increase in the upper mids. Does anybody have any idea how a Pearly Gates bridge pickup would compare to this?

    Thanks for your patience and I appreciate the opportunity to be a member here. I am 51 years old, have been playing since i was 16, and play mostly blues/rock or modern blues.

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    Re: New member - Questions About Pearly Gates

    hi etvety2001. welcome to the board.

    first, i believe the pearly gates plus on the lonestar is a trembucker with the pole pieces aligned for a tremolo's string spread. gibson's t-o-m has a narrower spread as compared to tremolos. i personally find that slightly offset polepieces does not alter tone significantly, but you may wanna go for a normal spaced bucker since trembuckers are wider.

    as for the pearly gates with cover, they are available on a special order basis. drop lew or john an email. they are fellow forum bros cum duncan dealers. they offer the best price on duncan's and will be able to help you out. here's their url.

    as for your last question, i do not have any experience with gibson pups. but for info, the pearly gates plus on your lonestar is different from the pearly gates. pg plus uses an a5 magnet and its specially built for fender. the pg uses an a2 magnet.

    hope somebody will pop in to answer your last question.

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      Re: New member - Questions About Pearly Gates

      welcome to the forum!!

      i am a big fan of the pearly gates. the pup in the lonestar strat is actually a pearly gates plus, i dont like it as much as i like the original. the difference is that the pg has an alnico II magnet and a warmer tone, while the pg+ has an alnico V magnet and a brighter tone with less mids and a little extra output.
      the pg+ will probably not fit a gibson cover but will work fine on a lp.

      blackrose customs or lewguitars can probably get a covered one for ya