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Duncan Custom & Custom Custom diffrences??

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  • Duncan Custom & Custom Custom diffrences??

    hey guys,
    whats are some of the differences between the Custom and Custom Custom?? what music is each pickup mainly prefered to used for?

    Currently I have the Custom SH-5 and pretty happy with it. It has a tight sound, crunchy and round.

    what differences would I notice if i change from the Custom to Custom Custom??

    This is loaded into an Epi Lespaul.

    Any info would help.


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    Re: Duncan Custom & Custom Custom diffrences??

    the CC would have way more mids and a smoother feel to it compared to the Custom. Well i would think Custom is more metal/rock oriented and as for the CC probably blues rock or something like that.
    the CC wont sound as tight and crunchy as the Custom but as for 'round' it probably is rounder sounding.
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      Re: Duncan Custom & Custom Custom diffrences??

      CC has an alnico 2 magnet, Custom has a ceramic these are the main differneces

      Alnico 2= more softer in bottom, and top, increased mids, smoother, sing rather than scream

      Ceramic= punchy, tight, aggressive, more sizzle to the trebles, dont clean up as well (little more sterile in the cleans)
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