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Strat H-H-S recommendations

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  • Strat H-H-S recommendations

    I'm converting my standard American strat to a H-H-S setup. That's H(full sized)-H(strat sized)-S(vintage single coil sound). I decided on the '59 for the full sized bridge PU. Any recommendations for the middle strat sized humbucker and neck single coil? I will use the bridge and middle independently as crunch settings, and the neck alone for clean. I'd like the outputs to be similar (I do boosts through a pedal). I use a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe tube amp with Boss overdrive and Ibanez tube screamer. I'll be playing pop/rock in a cover band. I was thinking maybe a little '59 or cool rails for the middle and 1/4 pound staggered or classic stack at the neck, but I have no experience with any of them. Thanks.
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    Re: Strat H-H-S recommendations

    I vote for the Cool Rails in the middle. In my totally unbiased opinion

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