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Trembucker or standard ?

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  • Trembucker or standard ?

    Hi dudes,

    I have this simple question for you :

    As I never bought/installed a humbucker in a trem-equiped guitar, I need to know if the trem-spacing is *essential* or not. FYI, the guitar is equiped with a FR trem.
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    Re: Trembucker or standard ?

    On a "Floyded" axe, the chances of a Trembucker lining up better are good.

    To see whether or not you need one: Measure the distance between the 2 e-strings.
    <2": Standard will work fine
    >2": TB-Series
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      Re: Trembucker or standard ?

      I look at it like this,if you are buying the pup new and are not getting any discount price for the standard spaced one then it is recomeded to get a trem bucker for all OFR loaded guitars