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HELP! installed 2 pickups but have a problem

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  • HELP! installed 2 pickups but have a problem

    I have an epiphone SG and just installed a custom bridge and A2pro in neck and replaced the 4 pots. I installed 1 push/pull pot for my bridge tone pot and wired it so it cancels out one coil in each bucker when switch is pulled. Everything works fine except that my tone contrl doesnt seem to work for my bridge pickup. It sounds like tone is on 0 no matter what i put it on. Here's the wierd part, if I pull the switch up and cancel out one coil the tone control works like a charm, from full on trble to nice a mellow. Any ideas what my problem is. I used these 2 diagrams to wire it up. Its basically wired up the same as the diagram on seymour site with the changes in artietoos diagram to make it split coil. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    Re: HELP! installed 2 pickups but have a problem

    Get it done professionaly so if they fukit up then its there problem
    good luck
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      Re: HELP! installed 2 pickups but have a problem

      ok heres what ive figured out. I went and checked all connections and wired exactly like the seymour diagram. Now everything works but i can only split the bridge bucker. if i try to ground the neck connection pin from the 6 prong push pull part it makes the bridge tone pot not work. if i wire it like artie's diagram (look at blue wire in diagram) where instead of hooking it to ground as well you connect it to the the live connection on the 3 way switch it basically makes the tone pot not work as well but also makes the volume bridge pot work as tone and volume at same time lol ? anyway so where do i connect this last wire so i can split my neck bucker too? i currently just have it not connected and have it wired up like first diagram. thanks



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        Re: HELP! installed 2 pickups but have a problem

        Both schematics are correct, on the coil split ... when activated ... it grounds the red and white in one pup (that pup's black goes to it's volume and tone control), the *other*pup gets it's red and white connected to the same lug as the black wire on it's volume control ... then the outputs' of each volume control go on to the three way switch, and to the output jack as normal.
        Sounds to me like you are not wiring it correctly, retrace your work to find your error(s). Better yet, support your local tech, that's what they get paid for ...
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