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blues saraceno model vs PAF pro?

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  • blues saraceno model vs PAF pro?

    has anyone tried both? how do tey compare?
    i recently got a pro and love it but wanted to know about the saraceno?
    is it as hot as a pro?
    how much chunk does it have?
    i really like the PAF pros top end spike when bending on the E and B strings,really screams? how bout the blues pu?

    RG 2570
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    Re: blues saraceno model vs PAF pro?

    It depends on your guitar, I had a Pafpro in an Ibanezz Rg550 and one in the neck of an Ibanez JS, both Basswood. To my ears the Blues has more bass, about the same mids and treble, minus that wah sound. You get a clearer more natural tone with the Blues Trembucker. It's also a bit hotter than the Pro at about 10k, I think the Pro is 8.5k, I always found myself wishing it had a little more juice. You should try it with a PG neck, I personally love this combo.


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      Re: blues saraceno model vs PAF pro?

      funny thing is blues saraceno used pro's with his RG(basswood) and the blues pup with his yamaha's?(alder)
      maybe someone else will have heard the blues in basswood?


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        Re: blues saraceno model vs PAF pro?

        I have the Blues in a basswood Wolfgang, and I must say that it's the best Duncan bridge pickup I've tried in that guitar. It's warmer than the '59, C5, or Demon, with more midrange and a more balanced EQ. In fact, I'm going to have the custom shop wind me a standard spaced, standard polepiece version with a cover to put in another guitar. I'd be willing to bet a ton of people who use the '59, C5, or Demon would be using this pickup if it weren't designed primarily for guitars with trems. Give it a try, I think you'll really like it.

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