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wiring problem-help, please

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  • wiring problem-help, please

    OK, I've got a stock Dean evo Premium with SD PG's with 1 vol and 1 tone(with push-pull pots). My problem is when I roll down the tone kn0b to 0, the signal is completely cut off-no sound at all. From 1-10 it rolls of the treble like any normal tone pot would do but at zero, it cuts out. Any comments or suggestions? Thanks!

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    Re: wiring problem-help, please

    Kevin, did you buy this new or used? The reason I ask is, it sounds like someone tried to make a no-load tone pot out of your tone control, and cut the wrong side.

    Barring that, I can't think of anything that might cause this except a bad pot. Or, perhaps, some small piece of debris has fallen down inside the pot. Try blowing some air, or contact cleaner in it, and see if that helps.