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mustang pickup swap?

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  • mustang pickup swap?

    i have a mustang reissue (97) and curently have it set up with hot rails in both positions both with coil taps, and in/out of phase and series/parallel. it would like to have more of a big single coil sound and still have the variety i find in having the coil taps. are there any strat replacements with taps and big sound (so that the low vol sound would be like a vintage output)? how do the lower output side of the custom, hot, and 1/4lb. sound? i need help...

    also every one needs to visit def eddie....if you haven't ever

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    Re: mustang pickup swap?

    Hey tweedking; Welcome to the forum.

    There are several singles that are tapped, (Hot, Custom, and QP). I've only used the QP myself, but I love its "tapped" sound. In fact, I like the tapped sound almost more than the full-on sound. (But the full-on sound is still good.)

    The QP, when tapped, has what I would assume is the classic, jangly chimey sound that you're refering to. As soon as I get the time, I'm going to reverse the wires to my push/pull pot so that the tapped position is "normal", or "in", and then pull the pot to "turbo-charge" the output.



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      Re: mustang pickup swap?

      that's kind of what i am wanting. i used to have a teisco del ray and it had a curcut that would give you 3 options (solo/bass/rythm). the solo was a regular full on sound, the bass was the full sound with the tone on full (or 0), and the rythm was quieter but brite. this will let you use a subtle overdrive and then control the amount of drive with the switch. i want the mustang to have the same option, or atleast the 3-ways to be (tap/off/full). and the 1/4lb sounds like the one...

      anyone else have the hot or custom?


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        Re: mustang pickup swap?

        interesting tweedking....i'm looking to get some tone out of my SG/melody maker with single coils, so i'll be watching this thread! i'll post with my delemma a bit later. i'm thinking of adding an eric clapton mid-boost to the equation, (noiseless pups of course). any interest in that for your app?
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