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how much knobs is right???

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  • how much knobs is right???

    hi everyone, i am building up a guitar, (alder soloist body from warmoth), now i got two humbuckers, dd/jazz, i was wondering how much knobs is right when it comes to volume and tone?
    I've seen guitars with just 1 knob and i've seen em with 5 knobs, whats the difference, whats better, whats worse. what does everone recommend?????


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    Re: how much knobs is right???

    You'll get as many different answers as there are knobs.

    Personally, I'm a 1 vol/1 tone kinda guy. Keeps the wiring simple.

    (I do, however, like lots of switches.)


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      Re: how much knobs is right???

      Personally, if I've got 1 pickup (bridge), I like a volume knob. If I've got bridge & neck pickups, I like a 3 way switch & a volume knob. I hate trying to adjust knobs when I'm playing, so I'd rather leave them out altogether. I also like my pickups to be as bright & hot as possible coming from the guitar, and the less soldering points, the better. Least importantly are looks. I can't stand when guitars have 3 or 4 full size knobs, a pickup switch or two, plus mini-switches, like all that sh*t Carvin sticks on their guitars. It looks cluttered and rediculous. A guitar with 1 knob & 1 three way toggle just looks good to me, all function & no bullsh*t, ya know?

      However, do you like to darken your tone? Do you like turning down 1 volume knob, and using the switch for on/off effects? Do you like the sound of split or parallel wiring? All the adjustment options are cool if you use them.

      What I did to figure out all this was I took the knob off my tone control, and let the pot fall down inside the cavity. I soon realized I didn't miss it, so I took them all off permanently, and haven't looked back since.
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        Re: how much knobs is right???

        I always convert strats to one volume one tone. That's how I like it.


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          Re: how much knobs is right???

          For two pickups I'd rather have two volumes and one tone.
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            Re: how much knobs is right???

            one volume one tone is enuogh for me.All the other things can be done through the amp
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              Re: how much knobs is right???

              Two volumes and one tone is cool, but i preffer the standard Gibson style, two volumes and two tones. :burnout.
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                Re: how much knobs is right???

                I think it is a matter of how pickups complement each other. If I have two same DC resistance pickup (like a 59' set) I will have two volume knows so I can set the output of the neck humbucker to mach the lower output of the bridge. If I have a set were the output it is mached (like a JB/Jazz) I think only one volume knob will be needed most of the time since both pickups will have the same output alltime.

                Same happens with the tone knob. If you have two pickup with the same frecuency response (like any mached set: Seth's, APII, PG's, 59' or other common sets CC/APII, C5/59, JB/Jazz) Only one tone knob will be enought. But if the frecuency response it is too different (this new teles with a standard bridge single coil and a P-90 neck) you will need to tweak a bit the tone knob of one of the pickups to make both pickups sound right throught the same amp settings.

                So I think with your combo (DD/Jazz) one volume and one tone knobs will work fine since both pickups will have a mached output and their frecuency response it isn't too different. But, like Benji, I love the gibson style 2 volume and 2 tone, very very versatile.