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    Re: New Saturday Night Special Demo

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      Re: New Saturday Night Special Demo

      Originally posted by backporchpicker View Post
      These might be the pickups I have been waiting for to put in my SG. I can't find any reviews on them from reputable sources like the guitar magazines just a Seymour Duncan write up and something by a dude with a strange name I forget. My home town music store doesn't know anything about them and probably won't order any for a try out set anyway.
      I guess what I'm getting at is when do you think mags like guitar player and premier guitar might be publishing something on them?
      Also wondering if I can order a set from Seymour Duncan to try and return them for a full refund if they don't work out? Has anybody done this and had it work out?
      Thank you for your time.
      I just got through installing a Seth Lover set in my 05' Gibson CS 61' SG Les Paul guitar. I pulled the covers off (giving me two zebra coils) and swapped out the magnets with UOA5 RC long magnet in the bridge and a A3 Polished long magnet in the neck. I believe it was Lt. Kojak here who referred to this magnet combination as "The Vintage Whisperer" and I heartily agree. The lows and highs are ever so slightly rounded and the mids are perfect in the bridge. The neck has just enough bass as to not be "boomy" with slightly rounded highs and perfect mids and there is no "mud". The neck can easily double as lead or rhythm and, the middle toggle postion (both humbuckers) sounds like a 3rd very usable humbucker. I have the output of all three toggle positions balanced where there is not a volume jump when switching between positions.