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  • "59/neck with ???/bridge

    I played my friends Ibanez today with a "59 and JB. I am totally set on the "59/neck, finally. Is the JB/bridge the best complimenting PU to the "59/neck? I was wondering how the Custom or Custom Custom would be together with the "59? And, does the "59 come with a four conductor cable?

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    Re: "59/neck with ???/bridge

    Well I don't think a regular 59 sounds anydifferent on the same position then a 4 conductor 59. What do you want tone wise for a bridge pickup?


    p.s. have fun if your gonna install the pickups on the s1 guitar yourself (sarcastic)
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      Re: "59/neck with ???/bridge

      U cld also try the Custom, Custom 5 and Custom Custom. You wld need to place a special order for a four condutor cable.
      Think of the C5 as high output 59.
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        Re: "59/neck with ???/bridge

        I haven't found a lot of tonal difference in a split vs full setting on the '59. Maybe a little less "woman" tone, but I've never been able to pin it down. You can get them in 4 conductor, but, having bought a couple, like I said, I don't see the point. I would think a Screamin' Demon would sound good in your Strat as would the JB.


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          Re: "59/neck with ???/bridge

          Just put a custom and 59n in my custom 22. Sounds awsome, however, I play strictly harder stuff such as metal, hardcore, metalcore.... whatever you want to call it. I think it would suit you well though. I found the custom to be nice because it is high output but a little less "peaky" than the JB. It's just smoother, but still hard hitting. Also has nice low end chug. Might also want to consider that my guitar is mahogany/maple. Not sure how the custom would translate in an alder body.

          Also, If you've got a three way switch don't bother with the four conductor version. Save yourself some soldering and get the single conductor version. Its much easier. Humbuckers are made to be a humbucker, not split. Can you tell I never really cared for singlecoils?
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            Re: "59/neck with ???/bridge

            The '59, seths, and antiquity pickups come with a 2 conductor cable. You'll have to order from someone like Black Rose Customs or Lewguitar (both forum members) to get one with a 4 conductor.

            I have a '59/Custom 5 set that work real good together, it's a favorite combo to a lot of forum folk.

            I've been hangin around this forum for over a year now, and from what I've learned, Alnico 2 humbuckers seem to be the favorite in fat Strat guitars. I would go with a Custom Custom (A2) or a Screamin Demon (A5). If it were my guitar, I would definetly get the Demon. I've heard great things about that combo... and from it's description and specs it sounds like a good partner for the '59.

            "It has the big open sound of our '59 Model™ with a little less bite and a little more growl. The tone is big, percussive and still bites without being harsh. It uses alnico magnets and yields medium output."