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Why is my tele so noisy!!!

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  • Why is my tele so noisy!!!

    I put a 1/4 lb in my tele to replace the alnico 2 I had in there. I love the tone but not the noise. I followed the directions for shielding on but it didn't make a difference in the sound. Whenever I touch the control plate it makes a popping sound, which doesn't seem right. I understand that single coils will have noise but proper shielding should take care of that, what could I do to fix the problem?

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    I'm not that familiar with the 1/4 pound, but did you make sure you got a good ground under the Bridge???
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      it sounds like 59paul is on the right track check under the bridge and the control cavity for proper grounding. it sounds like a problem where the ground goes to one of te screws that hold the bridge pickup.
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        I just tin the end of the string ground, bend and hang the bare end of the wire on the lip of the pup route. Screw the bridge down on top of the wire end and it's grounded...the factory does that too. The 1/4 pounder is'nt hum bucking? My Lil59 is real quiet...except when I power chord!

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          A couple of people recommended that I take a wire and ground one end to the volume pot then run the wire through the channel where the bridge pup is, and put the other end of the wire to where the bridge sits on top of the opposite side. It worked well, if only grounding my strat was this easy.


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            i have the the controls and the neck pickup grounded to the back of the volume pot and then a wire from the volume pot to the pickup mounting screw where it meets with the ground from the bridge pickup under the bridge. thats the way it came from the factory and i haven't really changed any or the wiring around except placing the tone cap in a different terminal.

            that way should ground everything real well nrvana8775 just be careful not to burn the pot.
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              were the last directions a reference to grounding a stratocaster or a telecaster....


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