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    Just FYI I thought I would post this response that Evan made over on the FDP about long lead times. I know a lot of you are waiting for special orders from me and probably Lew too. Hopefully this explains the long wait ...

    I'd be lying if I said this was a false rumor. The fact is, record sales have brought our production floor to capacity for several months in a row. We've been working aggressively to increase our capacity and we've run into several challenges along the way -- one of our tools broke and we had to reject a large magnet shipment. However, many of those challenges have been overcome and we are well on our way to rebuilding our inventory to a level that allows for quicker delivery. Humbucker production has been significantly impacted, however the other areas in the factory are well stocked. We are taking immediate action to handle late humbucker orders. Our recovery plans are designed around continued aggressive sales through the summer and based on those numbers we expect delays on some pickups to continue through the summer. We have temporarily added two weeks to the standard lead time of all of our customers in an effort to expedite our ability to fill backorders (late orders). Our recovery plans should be operating at full speed by June. We expect to return to our standard delivery policy in July or earlier.

    Thanks for your understand and the record sales. We realize we're nothing without our customers and you can rest assured that we're taking steps to over-come this situation as fast as possible. Also, please know that we will not compromise the quality of Seymour Duncan and Basslines pickups in order to pump out more product.

    I hope that explains things.

    Evan Skopp, VP Sales & Marketing
    Seymour Duncan / Basslines Pickups
    Seymour Duncan Pickups

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    Re: Order Lead Times ...

    when we toured the factory recently, Evan mentioned how busy they were - lots of orders, on top of a usually busy time of year

    I'm sure the bottom line, though is his comment that they won't make any compromises in order to "pump out more product", and for that, we can all be thankful for in the long run!
    "music heals"


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      Re: Order Lead Times ...

      On the other hand, it's nice to know that SD is doing well.


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        Re: Order Lead Times ...

        thats cool, glad to hear it evan!!


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          Re: Order Lead Times ...

          As problems go, these are the problems you want to have. But it's a problem, nevertheless, especially for our customers who are hurtin' for pickups. So -- in addition to knowing that we're not going to pump out inferior product -- know that we're doing everything we can to increase production capacity.

          In fact, at this moment, we're starting a third humbucker production work area. So that'll increase humbucker production by 50%, once it's up and running.

          Thanks to all of you for your support and understanding as we're ramping up to fill the increased demand for our product.

          - Evan
          Evan Skopp, Inside Track International
          Sales and marketing reps for D'Addario, Musopia, Reunion Blues, Q-Parts, and Nukleus Pickups.