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Strat Middle Pickup RW/RP?

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  • Strat Middle Pickup RW/RP?

    On a standard strat (meaning any regular off the shelf strat) is the middle pick up ALWAYS reverse wound/polarity?

    My strats all have the classic quack sound in position 2 and 4 and I have always assumed that this came from the RW/RP set up of the middle pick up.

    Am I off base here?
    Jim Dier

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    Re: Strat Middle Pickup RW/RP?

    I don't know that I would say ALWAYS, but I would hazzard a guess that 80-90% are. I bought a set of Fender Custom Shop 54's and they do not have a RW/RP middle.

    I think it's all personal taste really. Some will say for a true vintage sound you don't want RW/RP - they quack better. Some say the quack is better with RW/RP plus the hum cancel in pos 2 and 4. Some people say Elvis is still alive.
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      Re: Strat Middle Pickup RW/RP?

      wow, good question!

      at the risk of sounding ignorant, I don't really know, and I looked in my strat books, too

      but, I think the early ones were all wound the same .. remember that the notch positions weren't "officially" there till later - that is, the early strats had the 3-position switch, and it was really player demand that got it changed to a 5-way later ... I wouldn't be surprised if it was around the same time that they began winding the mid pickup RW/RP ...

      but don't quote me on that - just a guess on my part
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