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Pickups for Gibson SG Special Faded 2006

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  • Pickups for Gibson SG Special Faded 2006


    I’m looking for replacement pickups for clean rounder sounds in both neck and bridge. Below in the video is the sound I am going for. He is using a Gibson hollow body but I would like something that can hopefully produce a close sound with the thin body mahogany. Thank you

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    id say a set of alnico 2 pro buckers might get you as close as you are going to get in an sg. low output and clean with a warmer high end than a 59 set


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      You may have a hard time making an SG sound like a hollow body, but I'm curious to hear how close you can get it. That guy probably does have low output A2 magnet pickups, but with no maple cap on an SG it may be difficult to get the same eq. I tried some Seths in mine, and while they were pretty good I liked WLHs with A4 magnets a lot better. I wasn't going for that particular tone though, and it's been too long ago for me to reliably remember how close they were to that clean tone. If it were me, I'd get a low output set uncovered with the intention of swapping magnets to fine tune it. I might even go with 59s, though the stock magnets definitely have to go. They sound really good with other magnets and might do the trick. They're also plentiful and fairly cheap.


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        Listening to the clip, I'd say a set of Seths. It will give you that 'thump' in there, due to them being unpotted, and should be able to nail that tone.
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