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Mojotone Solderless Les Paul Wiring Harness

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  • alex1fly
    I have lots of experience with failed soldering attempts.

    Might be worth having a professional fix your harness. That's always been the trickiest part for me. Swapping out pickups yourself requires less soldering points and fewer things can go wrong.

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  • Guitardude93
    started a topic Mojotone Solderless Les Paul Wiring Harness

    Mojotone Solderless Les Paul Wiring Harness

    Not sure if this is the place for this question, and if it's not please point me towards the correct forum.

    During a recent pickup change on my Epiphone Les Paul Custom I somehow managed to damage one of the volume pots (it's one of the push/pull coil split ones, seems like it got jammed in between positions, may have fried the inner workings as well with excessive soldering as for whatever reason I couldn't get a good joint on it and kept having to redo it). I'm still working on trying to see if I can fix it, but in the very likely chance that I can't I've been looking around at replacing it and came across this:

    I'll be honest that I'm not great at soldering, having had mixed success over the years, so this definitely caught my eye given that I do like to experiment with different pickups and would love to be able to without going through the hassle of multiple failed soldering attempts or having to pay someone to do the work just to find out I don't like a particular humbucker. Does anyone here have any experience with this product or something similar?