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"Classic Rock" pickups for Flying V

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    Update...Super Distortion is on the way for the bridge, now have it narrowed down to 5 possible neck options...DiMarzio Super 2, D Activator neck or PAF Pro, or Duncan Full Shred or Sentient. Essentially making this a good rock guitar out of the 70s, like it was used on old KISS, Aerosmith or Lizzy albums. Since all of my other guitars have PAF-type pups, I want this to be different. Probably the Super 2 would be great, but the others seem like good options too. So one last time looking for input and then I just have to take a chance on one of them. The big thing is to not be too different in output from the Super, but also not be muddy. Obviously the bridge should still be more powerful, I just don't need this to be as versatile as I normally would go for. Also, I don't shred, not even close, and not looking for any of the modern metal tones.

    Thank you to anyone who has a thought on this!


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      how important is a clean tone? if not really, then go super2. if it is then paf pro or sentient


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        I'm not really concerned with cleans, more "cleanish"...just being able to roll off a bit and tame it somewhat. And I found while using my friend's guitar with the Super Distortion in the bridge that I had the ability to do that; it was very responsive to my picking and use of the knobs.

        My other guitars can do the "real" clean thing, this one will be unique.


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          The good 'ole DiMarzio PAF will work great, though it's now the 36th Anniversary model. Slightly different from the original but a great pickup. I have a Dean ML with dual Super Distortions. I wired the neck in parallel. Sounds much better that way in the neck. The PAF Pro is a good match too. I've used that with the SuperD before.


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            Seth Lovers are awesome