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  • golden age pickups

    hey guys,has anyone played these or found any reveiws thank for info
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    Re: golden age pickups

    check out and the I think several of the guys at the fender forum have tried 'em.
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      Re: golden age pickups

      I wrote this post a coupl of weeks ago in another thread.

      I bought a Golden Age 9.75k #42 Urethane (that's how it was described at Stew Mac) neck (neck is Gibson bridge spaced 50mm) off of eBay the other day thinking I circumvented the price of the Gibson Angus bridge. It came in and only measured 7.9. I called Stew Mac and talked to their tech. He said they recently received a shipment that were 7.9k and they were mixed in with the 9.7ks so the only way to guarantee a 9.7 is to order it direct from stew Mac and have the sales girl get him on line to pull my order. So if any one wants to hear what a Urethane Angus would sound like they're $47. Seymour doesn't make a #42 10k pickup so I have to wonder why...that'll make you think before you plunk down $130 for the Angus bridge. Lew likes the Fralin #42 9.5 with a4 though. I do not know if the Angus is enamel.

      Here's an update:

      I now have 5 Japanese pickups (including the Golden Age) that measure around 8k that are my favorite neck pickups, they are not woofie. I think the metric equivalent to #42 gauge is a smaller in diameter and that's how the DC resistance can be so high and still not be woofie (just really thick mids). With an a2 it's like Duane's Blue sky tone, A3 tilts more Fendery, and with a5 compliments a JB or DD bridge. I have one with each mag in a guitar. but will probably end up using all 5. I like the a2 the best (and the a5 the lest), like caramel coated sound waves coming off my speakers. I have found myself rolling down the treble on the amp as to savor that midrange and now the JB doesn't have enough treble to me so I'll just have to keep looking for bridge pickups.
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