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2 hums+ 5 switch= ???

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  • 2 hums+ 5 switch= ???


    Okay so i have to hotrails(4 conductor wires, each) and a 5 way selector switch + 1 tone and 1 volume.

    What combinations can i get with the 5 way selector? can the pickups be split with the 5 way?

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    Re: 2 hums+ 5 switch= ???

    Here's a start.

    This shows just one way to do it. But there are others.


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      Re: 2 hums+ 5 switch= ???

      When you say "5 way selector", do you mean a regular strat-style switch? If so, Artie's link is a fairly good approach.

      If you're willing to look at either a true 2-pole/5-way switch or a 4-pole/5-way switch, then there are lots of options. Here are two from GuitarElectronics: positions 2 & 4 have split humbuckers, bridge & neck respectively. position 2 is outer coils & position 4 is inner coils.

      Just a couple of thoughts...

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        Re: 2 hums+ 5 switch= ???

        Here's what you want: