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anyone else not like this?

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  • Metalman_666
    Re: anyone else not like this?

    I'm not sure how cutting the mids are on the CC, but you might be able to give that a shot. Someone else will most likely have a better response than my own, though

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  • kard2565
    started a topic anyone else not like this?

    anyone else not like this?

    I really don't like pup's that clip or distort on a clean setting. Mabye thats why I'm unhappy with most of the pup's I have tried out in my wolf.. On other guitars I have owned I had the pups adjusted low enough to prevent the clipping or whatever you want to call it. While I'm waiting for my reverse zebra TB pearly gate pup to come in I put a air norton in the neck and norton in the bridge of the wolf. I really like the mids the pups have but would like it with a tad more upper mids or high end sparkle. Not much just enough to get a lil spank when played clean. From all the clips I have heard and the post I have read I think the PG will do the trick. A low output pup with enough mids to cut through a band or recording situation, bass that doesnt mud up on high gain, and enough high end to get a lil spanky clean. I think the norton's would be pretty good pup's in the guitar if I could adjust them a bet lower but we all know the limitations of installing pups in a wolf. Are there any other pups besides the PG that might do the trick?