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Do hard tails have a tremolo unit?

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  • Do hard tails have a tremolo unit?

    Hi guys i was looking at the MIA hard tail strat and was wondering if the hardtail was a tremolo unit or not? The back i belive has no back cover, but is there something inside? I dont want a tremolo unit in there. I prefer the bridge to stay tightly flushed against the body. So what exactly is it like under the hood of these axes? I dont want it to be bale to pull up or any movement at all even if the string gauge is increases and more pressure if applied.

    Thanks for the help guys in advance.
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    Re: Do hard tails have a tremolo unit?

    well... a hardtail is like a trem... without the trem. no springs, trem arm... blah blah blah. its just like the trem with saddles and string tru-ness... but thats about it.
    or, i think thats it...
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      Re: Do hard tails have a tremolo unit?

      Actually, a hardtail specifically refers to a non-tremolo bridge.

      A tremolo allows the bridge to "rock" back and forth. (No pun intended.)

      A hardtail is just that - the bridge is fastened "hard" to the body. There shouldn't be anything under a hardtail bridge except wood.