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Single coil wiring

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  • Single coil wiring

    Hi, I want to out a single coil pickup onto an old guitar i have. Is it posible to wire the pickup directly to the jack, or must a volume control be placed inbetweeen? I've got limited funds and am using the middle pickup from my pacifica as i never use it. I may use the humbucker instead, but it has quite a limited bass respose and might not be worth any extra effort.
    I would be extremly grateful for any help, thank you, matt

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    Re: Single coil wiring

    Single coil wiring.

    Edit: When I first posted this answer, it was because I thought your post was blank. I realize now that you've used a type-color that doesn't show up in certain forum schemes.

    I'll give you a better answer to your question when I get home.
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      Re: Single coil wiring

      Ok, here's what you want:

      Hold down the SHIFT key, and click this link for the big version:

      single coil

      If you don't use a volume control, the pickup will likely sound too bright. So, you may want to add a 250k resistor where I show in the diagram. Make it a 500k resistor if you decide to go with a humbucker.