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  • what can we do with this?

    Hi, I have an Ibanez PGM-100 and I want to change all three original PU's.
    For the bridge my choice is a dimarzio steve's special
    For the neck I want to put a seymour duncan jazz
    For the middle I'm not sure yet, I want a single a little more big sounding than the standard strat sound, you know, and still ballanced to compesate the Steve's Special with more mids when using both at the same time. But also than can be versatile at the same time and still works good clean. I was thinking about a dimarzio SH-3... any sugestions?
    Another cuestion is how can I play with the five positions selector. I think it can be nice this:
    1. Steve's Special
    2. Steve's Special + middle single coil
    3. middle single coil
    4. jazz (only one one coil)
    5. jazz

    Would this work? I think it can give a nice versatility of sound. but any other advice? How will sound the jazz using only one coil? Wich one should I use, the next to the neck or the next to the middle?

    I think I ask so much but any help will be appreciated. Thanks and greetings from Spain

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    Re: what can we do with this?

    Welcome to the forum

    Unfortunately, I can't tell you a lot about singles, but I will say that the Steve's is a good choice for a bridge pup. They sound awesome, and are really underrated, IMO.
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      Re: what can we do with this?

      Perhaps a Fast Track-2 or Pro Track would help fill in the scooped mids that the SS gets rid of? FWIW, is your PGM-100 currently outfitted with the HFH, Jem single and Tone Zone? What the particular issue with what you have now and what kind of music are you playing? Also, what gear? Answer those questions and we can probably fill in some answers or point you in a better direction.



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        Re: what can we do with this?

        Originally posted by juanlubv
        Thanks and greetings from Spain