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  • covers or not?

    I have an epi lp, decided to replace the stock pups and have settled on (I think) a 59n/ccb. I really like the sound of the cc, and the 59 from what i've heard is as good as neck pups come. Anyway im wonderin, what are the disadvantages/advantages of covering the pickups? It's cheaper not to so i'd do that if its all the same (which I somehow doubt).

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    Re: covers or not?

    All about appearence. Some claim that covers will slightly reduce the highs, but IMO it's so subtle the average person won't notice. Other than that it's all about how they look. If you like the looks of the uncovered then save yourself a nice chunk of $$ and don't bother getting the covered models.


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      Re: covers or not?

      I Like the looks of covers.Though it robs a slight bit of the highs,the covers also help shield out noise and keep things out of the innards of your humbucker..For me it's purely cosmetic though because I don't worry about the uncovered humbuckers in my strat's bridge positions...If the pickup gives me problems,I replace it...LOL

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