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  • Peavey XXL Head FS

    This is half of my stereo rig, which I haven't used in couple years.

    Earlier this year I was visiting family in an adjacent state, saw a Craigs post from someone looking for a XXL and I offered to help them out. I pulled this XXL, did a 3 day burn in test, followed by a play test and there are no issues with this XXL. The potential buyer and I couldn't meet on a price, so I put it up on my local Craigs. I had one in-state buyer that didn't work out. I figured I would post it here before I put it back in storage, in case anyone is interested.

    The footswitch and cable look like they have seen better days, but they still function without any issue. I could meet a buyer almost anywhere in Ohio or ship it if someone wants to cover shipping costs.
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    I miss the 80's (girls) !!!

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