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Kiesel 6 String lithium Pickup set and Tubes

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  • Kiesel 6 String lithium Pickup set and Tubes

    I have a lightly used set of Kiesel Lithiums that came out of my 6 string. It comes with pots and 5 position switch. Wiring is mostly intact, just need to solder in pickup wires. Asking $120 Shipped OBO

    I have a set of Ruby 6l6 power tubes and then 4 ruby 12AX7A's and a single EH 12AX7. They all came out of my Peavey 6505+ combo. All in working order when removed. $50 Shipped OBO

    I know I don't have many post here but I have tons of feedback on ebay or Heatware from other forums. Also user DamianSicks has purchased from me on this forum when I sold my Made By SD Actives.