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    Long Range Laser Level - How Long Should Outdoor Laser Levels Be?

    Although there are no rules on what the laser level range should be, the best laser level for outside work is expected to extend beyond 500 ft. while Indoor laser levels are expected to project laser beams at least 100 ft. Since outdoor job requirements vary, you should check your personal needs before you purchase any laser level. Some laser levels may work for both indoor and outdoor purposes, some only have a range capable of handling indoor plus a limited range within a home.

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    How Long Should Outdoor Laser Levels Be?

    If you have to consider the common professions that require outdoor laser levels, you will find out each profession will require different ranges of the laser level. For instance, an electrician may only require 100ft of laser range to handle outdoor electrical installations, repairs, and replacements. A plumber may require up to 500 ft. to handle outdoor plumbing works while a construction worker, architect, or builder may require up to 2,000 ft. range to handle extensive construction jobs. It all depends on the size and magnitude of the job at hand. For this reason, it will be better for laser level users outdoors to be prepared by getting laser levels that have more ranges than what they need.

    What are the Best Long-Range Laser Levels for Outdoors?

    Here are a wide range of laser levels with great ranges that suit outdoor projects, these are highlighted below:

    Topcon RL-H5A Rotating Laser Level is one of your best options if you want an outdoor laser level with a strong range. In addition to providing a high range, It comes with a slope-matching feature to check your slope work. It offers a range of up to 800 ft. and it maintains its accuracy at such range. You can also use a laser detector to extend its range even more. This laser level offers great cost when compared to other high-end options.

    Leica Rugby 620 laser level is another option you should consider because it comes with up to 600 meters or more than 1,500 ft. of range. It is widely used in the construction industry and it also comes with the Leica eye rod receiver accessory that will help you increase the range further. It is ideal for aligning, squaring, leveling and excavation works.

    GPR R95 Rotary Laser is a great option for its long-range plus its high performance alongside low cost. It offers great value for the price. It is extremely accurate, durable, and reliable and produces consistent accurate measurements at long ranges. It is powered by a 3500 Ni-Mh battery. It is a rotary laser level with a rotating speed varying from 0 to 600 RPM. It offers a range of up to 500 meters plus an accuracy level of + or – 5 degrees.

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    This list is incomplete without mentioning the GPR G95 Green Beam Rotary Laser Level. The long range laser level works with a green laser beam which is almost 4 times brighter than a red laser beam, thus making the device a great outdoor option when higher visibility is needed. It is compatible with several accessories such as Tripod stands and laser receivers that can help level at elevated heights and also boost its range. Slope adjustment, horizontal, and vertical scanning are other features you can find on this laser level. The laser level projects a green laser beam over a range of 500 meters at a varying speed of 0 to 600 RPM.

    Spectra GL422N Grade Laser is what you need for leveling, grading for vertical alignment. This is one of the most rugged dual grade lasers that will deliver even under the harshest job sites. Is accurate performance ensuring that you can work faster to get more work covered in a limited time frame. This device comes at a higher price and that is justified by its delivery. It offers up to 100 meters of leveling range, which can also be extended with a laser receiver or detector. Its IP66 water resistance feature ensures that it works and performs well under torrential rainfall and other adverse conditions, outdoors.

    Extending Your Laser Level Range

    If you are not getting enough laser beam projection range, perhaps the best thing you can do is to use a laser receiver, which can also be referred to as a laser detector. Laser receivers are often hand-held and can be attached to grading rods or a device that comes with a sliding bracket or a magnetic base.

    Keep in mind that not all laser levels work with the same laser receivers, you need to use the one that comes in the packs of your outdoor laser level or find a recommended receiver from the manufacturer.

    To extend your range through a laser, make sure you set your laser level in a straight line with the receiver and project the laser beam directly at it. Most receivers come with sound or ones to indicate whether the laser beam is below, above, or on the level with your desired range. Receivers come with a band that displays the level, and you will automatically see that the new range of clear visibility displayed by the receiver is more than the maximum range recommended for your laser level. At different heights of your grading rods, the laser receiver will show different ranges of the laser beam and you may choose the one that suits your need most.

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    Laser Level Range- The Bottom Line

    It is important to choose an outdoor laser level that has a range more than your desired range. Taking this step will help prevent disappointment, especially when you don’t have a laser receiver or any other method of extending the range of your laser level.
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