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FS: Pearly Gates Custom Shop PAF Set (wound by MJ)

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  • FS: Pearly Gates Custom Shop PAF Set (wound by MJ)


    Just bought these new and tried them in my Les Paul. They are like the regular PG set in general but the bridge is a little hotter than the stock set and with a very noticeable increase in clarity across all the strings. I opted for a higher output custom bridge so I'm moving these. They are obviously high quality and come with the provenance of being wound by MJ, which is always desirable in the world of Duncans.
    • 8.6k (bridge) & 7.6k (neck)
    • Alnico 2 magnets
    • Factory Antiquity style aging
    • Zebra bobbins
    • Standard spaced
    • Long legs
    • No wax
    • Single conductor
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