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  • Reviews of the 59 Model

    For Vault Purposes, please post your impressions, including what guitars, amps, and artist/styles work best with this pup. Thanks.

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    Re: Reviews of the 59 Model

    The '59 is a nice "overall" PAF type pickup, or probably the most polyvalent. Sounds great in both position, although the '59-neck might sound muddy in certain LP type guitars.
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      Re: Reviews of the 59 Model

      The 59s are some of the most versatile and articulate pickups that I have tried. I have yet to find a guitar that didn't work with a 59n. It's simular to the JB in that it sounds good in just about anything.

      The 59b is great for clean work and does classic rock especially well where you want more of a clipped and less of a compressed tone. It does old Cream and Led Zep especially well.

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        Re: Reviews of the 59 Model

        Sounds great in the neck position, a little bass heavy, but balances out with the right bridge pup, such as the C-5.

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          Re: Reviews of the 59 Model

          Originally posted by Fatty
          Sounds great in the neck position, a little bass heavy, but balances out with the right bridge pup, such as the C-5.
          Probably the most versitile HB in the SD line IMO. Warm, round, sounds equally nice clean or distorted. Killer through all my amps.
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            Re: Reviews of the 59 Model

            I have a set in a '335 style guitar and it just amazes me, very articulate... The bridge is crispy and punchy, while the neck is warm but not whoofy... I also have one in the neck of my ltd ec-1000 (mahogany lp style) and it tends to have a lot more bass there, closer to whoofy... Great versatile pick-ups, sound great clean and distorted....


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              Re: Reviews of the 59 Model

              A great PAF pup. I have one in my PRS Cu22, and when I had a 335 clone (epi sheraton) I had one in that too. It's a great pup for getting a warm rich PAF tone from your guitar. It has a nice rich bottom, scooped mids, and a nice articulate top end. My experience has been that this pup produces warm tones that will give you a vintage tone. It has a brighter top end than I have heard in my friends Seth Lover pickups, and thus seems to cut through and articulate a bit better when playing under a lot of gain. It sounds great clean as well.
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                Re: Reviews of the 59 Model

                This pickup has transparency, where the supporting factors, guitar and amp, your fingers, have more freedom of expression. It does not seem to narrowly focus on one definitive frequency. It sounds natural to the guitar that it is in. It is typically bright and somewhat twangy when clean. It is very "open" (not compressed sounding), when used with distortion. In one word I would call it "pure".

                This pickup is "fat and glassy". It is pretty sensetive to pick attack, therefore lending lots of expression and style, depending on the player.
                This neck version is not as transparent as the 59b. It has a certain lower midrange edge that gives it a specific personality.
                When it's tone is distorted, it seems to demand quality of amplification. It does not sound that great with cheap distortion, especially at low volumes.
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                  Re: Reviews of the 59 Model

                  Great pickups for those who likes classic rocksounds.
                  Very good versatile pickup with lots of breath and openness.
                  Sounds good in most guitars that has a good sound on their own.
                  As Stevo pointed out, if your amp is of less quality the sound will suffer, otherwise a very complimenting pickup.
                  The neck can also be applied as a bridge pu, if you want a clear sound and wants balance with your singlecoils, works well with SSL-1's.


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                    Re: Reviews of the 59 Model

                    In the ballpark of the PAF sound, all though a tad hotter.
                    A nice in-between classic and contempary tones.



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                      Re: Reviews of the 59 Model

                      i have it in the neck position of the ltd ec-1000, and i use it for soling a lot. it sounds killer for soloing....and with the volume rolled back or the amp on a lower gain setting, it sounds killer for allman bro's type sound. also, it sounds great distorted, very bassy which i like for a few songs i do.
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                        Re: Reviews of the 59 Model

                        59n is one of the best PAF type pups out there IMO, great for that classicrock sound, can do blues, and others. not as versatile, but excellent at what it does. i have mine in the neck of an all maple H-S-H guitar (godin sdxt) and use it for rythm work primarily, but for some lead. it can do all sorts of classic rock tones, and through just about any tube amp it really sounds amazing.
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                          Re: Reviews of the 59 Model

                          The '59 has great bass and high end, and it does classic rock as well as it can do metal. It also has a really nice clean sound, very clear.
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                            Re: Reviews of the 59 Model

                            i've got a set in my bluesbird and they are great. nice and clean but can get really dirty if needed. They can do great led zep, and other classic rock sounds and they are also hot enough for some newer styles and even some jazz. The set is nice warm and full sounding. great all around and versitile PAF pickup.
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                              Re: Reviews of the 59 Model

                              Average and affordable.

                              Much better PAFabbes out there.
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