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.midi to .wav ?

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  • .midi to .wav ?

    What's the easiest way to convert .mid files into .wav file format? I d/l'd a bunch of .mid files to practice my chops with, and want to burn 'em onto a CD to play through my home stereo.
    Any good advice is greatly appreciated!


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    Forgot to mention, I'm using Windows ME for my OS.


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      I looked on tucows, but didn't find a darn thing.
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        Bob -

        Do you have a recording program like Guitar Pro or Acid? I use acid and I can import any sound file and then save and burn it as MP3, .wav, .iaf, .ogg, .wma. If you can't find a way to convert them, let me know. Maybe you can e-mail me the files and I can convert them and send them back to you, or burn them onto CD and mail it to you.

        Let me know.
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          This thing works fine:

          It also gives you better midi sounds than the built-in Windows midi wavetable.


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            if you're really not wantin' to download anytyhing or fuss a whole lot, there should be options in your sound control icon for selecting midi sounds as the recording target. I'm not sure how it is in ME, but I know on other versions of windows there is a little speaker icon in the lower right corner. After selecting midi as the recording target, just play the midi file while running any old sound recorder.


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              I finally figured out how to do it between my "sound" properties and using Windows Media Player as a source and Cool Edit 2000 as my recorder. I render the .midi file into a .wav file saved at a 48000 bit rate for a higher quality sound, and then I resample it at a bit rate of 44.100 to make it compatible for burning onto a CD and playable in my home stereo.
              The whole process is a little time consuming, but well worth it considering the fact that I'm not having to sit down with my Boss DR-5 and work out all the rhythm tracks in that manner.
              If anyone needs some info on this procedure, I found some at this link:


              Good article!

              Thanks for your input to all who responded.



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                Re: .midi to .wav ?

                Check out a freeware program called TiMidity. It's a MIDI player that uses GUS patches to generate instruemnt sounds. The cool thing is that you can output the MIDI file to a WAV. I use it all the time to convert MIDIs. You can find it here,