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Best Guitar practice heaphones?

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  • Best Guitar practice heaphones?


    I need help choosing headphones for guitar practice,
    the headphones will be connected to a Vox Tonelab ST
    amp modeler effects pedal.

    I would prefer full size over the ear design, rather than on ear,
    I don't mind if they're open or closed, whichever's best, for my needs.

    I've considered several brands that I read mostly on some headphones site (Head-Fi and HeadphonesUnboxed) and these are in no particular order -
    Audio Technica ATH M50
    Shure SRH 440 / 840
    Sennheiser HD25-1 II
    Sennheiser HD555
    Superlux HD668B
    AKG K271 MKII
    AKG K240 MKII

    I would like the phones to be full range flat response, and not harsh
    or enhanced at the higher frequency end.


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    Re: Best Guitar practice heaphones?

    there is great difference between various headphones. Just use smth that works for you, no need to break the bank.


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      Re: Best Guitar practice heaphones?

      I use Shure SRH220A for practice/general listening and SRH440 for mixing/reference listening.
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        Re: Best Guitar practice heaphones?

        I would go with the Sennheiser HD380s. Large comfortable over-ear fit, closed-back (matters less for electric guitar monitoring, but for vocals or acoustic miking against clicks or a backing track, closed is essential), replaceable cable, very flat response for the price range, all about the same price as the M50x.

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          Re: Best Guitar practice heaphones?

          I did something extremely cool and they sound excellent. I found some fairly efficient speakers that are just about as big as my ears. I had a set of gaming headphones that I pulled the original speakers out of and rebuilt them with the new speakers and adapting and hacking. The middle of the outside shell of the headphones had easily been removed and the magnets fit tightly in the holes left in the ear shells. These headphones have an audiophile quality with excellent bass response and good imaging with good sound pressure levels for over-the-ear. I plug these into the headphone jack of my Vox Lil' Night Train head.


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            Re: Best Guitar practice heaphones?

            I use AKG Pro K167 headphones. Sound great for mixing and guitaring. I use them for making new patches on my Helix. Full range, flat response. Plus coily cable (which statistically makes everything sound 30-40% better).
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              Re: Best Guitar practice heaphones?

              I have the ATH M50
              Great frugal option! Flat response and hi-fi, and the build quality is also very good.

              They also have an added bonus of helping you turn super saiyan


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                Re: Best Guitar practice heaphones?

                This gives me an idea for an invention. Guitar only headphones. Instead of being full range like hi-fi/audio headphones, they have the same frequency limitations as guitar speakers so it sounds like a real, close mic'd cabinet. It could have a mono 1/4" that supplies signal to both headphones, goes from the fx send/preamp out and has a built in attenuator and volume control so you don't blow your eardrums. You can get a similar result with normal headphones and impulse responses but this is for those times you don't have a computer nearby, it's just you and the amp and there'd be no latency issues.
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                  Re: Best Guitar practice heaphones?

                  I cant stand using headphones after 5 minutes of use find them very irritating.
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