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  • Variac

    In honor of Mr. Ed -

    For those curious about using a variac with their tube amp (Marshall):

    I modded my amp (JTM45RI modded to somewhat plexi specs) back in 2013 to run a variac at about 100v (90v was too mushy for 50 watter) by changing the bias resistor.

    I biased the amp after I had dropped the voltage, so the 6CA7s were idling around 40mAs.

    It definitely does something to the tone... slightly squishier with a slight change in the "crunch".

    Here's a quick n dirty clip I did back then with 1 SM57 on speaker, Flanger added in DAW (no EQ or other polish).

    Guitars are me, backing track is Al & Mike:

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    That sounds so cool !
    is it massively loud in the room?
    what cab/speaker(s)?
    gear list in profile

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      LLL hats off man, EVH = official Saint in the Church or rock'n'roll.


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        That sounds cool! Could use a little more mids but the vibe is totally there.