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Keep on Rocking in the Free World cover.

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  • Keep on Rocking in the Free World cover.

    I put this together yesterday.
    it turned out a lot smoother than I was shooting for.
    I recorded the vocals 12 times and still hate them but whatever, I claim my free pass because it's a Neil Young song.
    It sounds crappy on a cell phone, and a whole lot better with good headphones.
    I learned about the master mix button in Reaper yesterday and tried that out, I got a lot more backline out of it. Happy with that.
    I also added a little tiny guitar part during the chorus, it's only 3 notes but it makes me very happy.

    It's drop tuned to C# std, and 118bpm instead of 120 in the original.

    I changed the lyrics in the 3rd verse, don't hate me for that.

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    Well today I retracked both guitars and edited a few more bits here and there. Starting to like it a little more.

    Link is the same, I just delete it, and upload the newest version of it.

    How is it mixed for your speakers/headphones? Too much or not enough of something?