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Construct Of Lethe - "A Kindness Dealt In Venom" (death metal)

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  • Construct Of Lethe - "A Kindness Dealt In Venom" (death metal)

    I joined this band on vocals about a year and a half ago. We put a lot of work into this album and then had to keep it under wraps for a while. Very psyched that it's finally coming out and I wanted to share. I'm not sure if this is the right spot for it and don't know if any of you are particularly interested in death metal vocal recording, but this was a really fun one to do and I'm happiest with the vocal sound on here of any recording I've done. This section is from the middle of the album; as a whole it's more varied, and it's meant to be heard as a single track.

    I used an EV N/D 767A dynamic mic through a Warm Audio Tone Beast preamp and WA76 compressor. Spent a while getting the settings right, but after that I was able to just go for it - no compression or distortion/saturation added in the box. The only effect I put on the main vocal after the fact was a subtle high-end reverb to add some space to the transients. There are some clean vocals and weird vocal effects in spots, which have extra reverb and compression happening, but having that immediacy of the main vocal through the right gear was a game-changer for me after spending years trying to achieve a sound like this with plugins.

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