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Any Laney LC range users here? Just curious...

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  • Any Laney LC range users here? Just curious...

    Hi all,

    I'm an avid user of a Laney LC-15R. I'm curious if anyone finds the LC amps as gig-worthy as I do. I played a LC-15 for 6 years straight, live and in rehearsal, with my band to great results. So great that I got a LC-15R to use the FX loop etc. To be precise, I swapped the stock HH speaker for a Celestion Vintage 30 10" to get more headroom. Now the amp's clean tones are a tad clinical but it will change as the speaker breaks in.

    Anyway, who else uses their Laney LC (15, 30, 50...) for gigs regularly? I have heard the notion that "Laney is a poor man's Marshall" but I believe Laneys are not inferior to those ... well other (major) brands.

    So please chime in with your opinions if you feel like it.
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    Re: Any Laney LC range users here? Just curious...

    Hi Tony,

    I have an LC15 (non-R) and an LC30II.

    Not gigging at the moment, but I have done some small stuff with the LC30. If you wire a jack to the LC15, it should have no problem driving a cab. Both are very loud amps. I could put the LC30 up against a 100 watt head. It is that loud.

    I don't find any Laney to be a poor-man's-Marshall, but I hope people keep thinking of them that way, or thinking poorly of them. That way I get my pick of what I want for a good price.
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      Re: Any Laney LC range users here? Just curious...

      I had a an LC30II for about 18 months, but sold it last year.

      I found it to be generally too loud for things I was doing at the time (no band/gigging and just playing at home) so I sold it.

      The amp's clean channel was nice altho I found it to be a little too bright at times, although I've been told that a replacement speaker would have cured this.

      The distortion channel was a total beast! It had more gain on tap than I ever used and could be used for low gain classic rock (which I play) and higher gain metal just as easilly!

      They're good amps for the money too