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    Originally posted by Obsessive Compulsive View Post
    ^There is a Bugera clone of it for a very very stupid price. Get that one. Forum member Phantasmagoria seems to swear by it big time.
    Do you know what is called, the bugera clone?


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      Originally posted by Lewguitar View Post
      The Blackstar Artisan is a hand wired (NO PCB) head or combo, reminds me of a 50 watt Marshall Plexi crossed with a Vox AC30, but with gain, master volume and super versatile tone controls that actually work!

      Gets stellar clean and overdriven tones.

      Extremely pedal friendly.

      I tend to set mine up for clean tones with a little sparkle, then use a Dover Drive for my overdrive.

      I can get killer British Blues, Jeff Beck and EVH tones with humbuckers, and Eric Johnson and Uli style violin tones with the Dover Drive.

      The Artisan is great without pedals for bluesy overdrive and cranked AC-30 and Plexi tones. It'll do Fender too, because the tone controls are so well designed.

      But overall, the Artisan has a British flavor to the sound.

      I love the way Blackstar voices their amps.

      Those guys have great ears!
      Lots of people donít like black star, I donít know why because Iíve always had good luck with getting them to sound good.


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        Originally posted by PFDarkside View Post
        Can you get a used Dual Rectifier at that price?
        No I can not. I have looked.


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          Originally posted by Jigsisme View Post
          Have you tried a preamp pedal thru the CR120, a Helix or the like included? I'm a high gain nut and I have been very satisfied by using the CR120 in that fashion. Its hard to get an Orange to not sound like an Orange, but with a couple pedals, you'd be surprised.
          What pedal would you recommend me trying?


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            Originally posted by Calsip View Post

            Lots of people donít like black star, I donít know why because Iíve always had good luck with getting them to sound good.
            Speaking for myself, until I tried one I saw them as budget Metal amps, but I was wrong.

            Blackstar is making some great amps with clean and overdriven tones voiced for all kinds of rock styles, blues and jazz.

            Waddy Wachtel, Keith Richard's fellow guitarist in the Expensive Winos, is using the 2 x 12 Artist with Stevie Nix. Great amp. Super versatile.
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              I'd sell my Marshall DSL 100h to you pretty cheap if you're interested shoot me a pm
              Go buy my book.


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                Originally posted by Calsip View Post

                I am by Crawfordsville which is about an 1 from terra haute and Indy
                Oh cool, that's a good area. One of my best friends lives over in Westfield about 10m from the old deer creek music venue. I went to the second ozzfest there waaay back. It was the first year of the original sabbath reunion, which was the only reason I went really.
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                  Calsip, you need a 5150/6505. Not the mini version either.

                  The 5150 III is another option. But I prefer the regular Peavey versions, they are less compressed.


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                    I really like the Blackstars for their overdrive- though the clean channel is way much "duller" than a Fender :/...

                    I'd say, test the Blackstar amps... the OD channel is the "epithome of heavy" to my ears .

                    If somethings important- send a PM. I might be offline for long periods. Rock on!!!


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                      Hughes and Kettner tubemeister, The new Blackstars are killer. May have a difficult time finding a used one in your price range but the Mesa MarkV is one of the best amps of all time imo. Comes in 25, 35, and 90W head as well as combo options but each has a power soak also for practicing at home (10W). A Marshall DSL40 might be a good look too. I see some on here already suggested the 6505... good call. I buy used gear all the time. Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are your best friends.
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                        H&K Grandmeister 40 Deluxe. From clean to brutal, and everything in between. Small, lightweight and fully specced.
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                          I would suggest trying as many distortion pedals, through your rig, as you possibly can. Of course, this is the low cost route. One pedal I'll suggest without hesitation is the Bombastortion by Tim Jauernig Electronics. The pedal works extremely well with single coil pickups as it does with humbuckers. In my opinion, there isn't too many distortion pedals that get along with single coil pickups. If you're dead set on a new amp, I'd suggest a 5150 for the sound you're after. They can be purchased for a fair price nowadays.


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                            Originally posted by Calsip View Post
                            First time posting in the amp section on here.

                            I am looking for a new amp, specifically a head, but open to combo suggestions.

                            Background: The band that I play in plays metalcore to pop-punk and things in between. I currently am using a Orange Crush Pro 120 out of a PPC 2x12. I am looking for more gain. I have a Joyo Zombie (pretty sure itís a Mesa Clone). I like it but obviously I am looking to upgrade from that but keep that same style of sound. Think chuggy chuggy chug chug type of music/sounds.

                            Price range: $700 and Iím okay with used.

                            Current thoughts on amps: I have really been looking into 5150ís 6505ís and 6534. I have been thinking of the 6505 combo but not sure. I am not a gear head so I do not know what all is good and a lot in the topic. My level of knowledge is guitars and pickups, not amps and speakers. I am not looking for modeling as Iím not good with using that type of technology and get frustrated with it.

                            Open to all suggestions! Thanks!

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                            Just get this:

                            Thats all a 5150 is anyway, and extra gain stage. The SD-1 is an extra clipping stage in front of your amp. You also get a tone knob.

                            The price of this pedal was $40 for many years. Don't judge it on price.


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                              Originally posted by Erlend_G View Post
                              I really like the Blackstars for their overdrive- though the clean channel is way much "duller" than a Fender :/...

                              I'd say, test the Blackstar amps... the OD channel is the "epithome of heavy" to my ears .

                              I have two Blackstars. An Artist and an Artisan. They are not metal amps (no use for that...) and they have GORGEOUS clean tones. I set them for clean and then get my overdrive from my pedals. I'm getting the best tone of my life, and I've been playing for almost 60 years.
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                              ďPractice cures most tone issuesĒ - John Suhr


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                                That's a great board, right there. I could do any gig I need to with that.
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