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When did the "oversized" 1/2 stack guitar speaker cabinet become popular?

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    I think Mesa might have started it...I remember the oversized cabs in their catalogs from the early 90s, at least. They made them with diamondplate, too, so they weren't exactly light.
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      Originally posted by Techy Beccy View Post

      I think Ive seen those Avatar cabs and liked them... I will look them up again!
      I haven't seen these in the picture! They're ugly as hell!
      Where did you get it and how much was it!? - Its a guitar cab not bass cab right?
      I got it straight from Avatar Speakers. They are direct sell. Mine was a scratch and dent purchase so it was cheaper than the normal price and honestly can't remember what I paid. It was quite a while ago. I've seen Bogner cabinets with the same design.


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        Originally posted by Techy Beccy View Post

        Got any photo of these amps and cabs - very curious!
        No. I stated the models, so you can do an Internet search.
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          I'd go with a Mesa 2x12 Rectifier Cab. If you're worried about size and weight, they make a new compact model as well. The standard sized 2x12's are priced exactly the same new as an Orange 2x12, but a much better cab in my opinion. Orange sounds too dark for my liking. Also, my Mesa has V30's made in England where my buddies Orange came loaded with Chinese made V30's

          Also,I bought a Crate 4x12 slant cab for $75 and put 2 Eminence Swamp Thangs and 2 Eminence Texas Heat's in an X pattern, and it sounds KILLER and the cab is solid as a tank. I'll hold onto it as long as I can lift it
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