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Blues Junior Overdriven Tones are AWESOME

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  • Blues Junior Overdriven Tones are AWESOME


    I've got a Tweed NOS Blues Junior – basically a BJ III but it came stock with a Jensen speaker and retro vibe – and I absolutely LOVE the overdriven tones.

    Does anyone else feel this way about their BJ?

    Obviously, its a big seller, so a lot of people use them, but most seem to use them as a clean pedal platform amps. Is there no love for the overdrive tones of the BJ?

    I don't know if the Jensen speaker has something to do with it, but to me, the overdriven BJ NOS Tweed has an absolutely wonderful, ruckus, raunchy, classic rock tone! One complaint about the BJ is its lack of low end, which I can definitely see being the case if you were playing it clean only, but it also keeps the overdriven sound nice and tight and gorgeous to my ears.

    Anybody? Am I alone here?__PRESENT
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    Those are great amps. Jensen speaker is a good part of the equation also. A lot of the recent era Fender offerings have been really good; the Hot Rod DeVille, the Blues Junior, the Blues Deluxe. I was pretty impressed with the cleans also.
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      i used a blues jr as my main amp for a few years. no pedals just every knob full up other than reverb and bass which were adjusted to taste. i had an old g12m in mine. it was great for a blues rock tone


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        The Blues Jr has a weird boxy sound to me. It doesn't have the nice open Deluxe sound, but it might just be the size of the cabinet. I hear this not only when I use one, but when I hear others, too. You hear it really well about 25 feet away.
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          the stock speaker is part of that but the small box doesnt help either


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            Originally posted by Mincer View Post
            The Blues Jr has a weird boxy sound to me. It doesn't have the nice open Deluxe sound, but it might just be the size of the cabinet. I hear this not only when I use one, but when I hear others, too. You hear it really well about 25 feet away.
            My thoughts on the little amps also ! Never got the glowing raving stuff on the BJ. Now my Subway Rocket which is about the same size and weight is another story!
            THIS is the Crunch tone of my Rocket with just a little verb in the loop as it has no verb in the amp.
            THIS is the natural crunch tone of my Boogie Subway Rocket with absolutely noting but verb in the loop miced
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              I think they are like fenders gateway drug cuz they get you into that fender territory squarely but no mods will ever make it a 5e3, deluxe reverb, etc, and so a lot of people keep chasing what they heard on their fav record or whatever.
              But if you accept the blues jr as it's own animal they're cool, Can be scored cheap, that's always a plus

              I agree on boxy as a description. Partly the box the speaker is in, partly the circuit and the little more nasal voicing I think they were going for. Does sound kinda bluesy to me with the boxiness.


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                You see them as backlines a lot. They are cheap and sound reasonably good. The clean sound is my favorite of the 2, though.
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                  The Blues Jr was my 1st valve amp back in 2004.
                  I did not know better so i bought it . . . the cheapest valve amp (at the time) in my city.

                  The overdriven tone got 'generic' very quickly for me.
                  I tried to like it for 4 years.
                  Sold it eventually, bought a 1966 black face Bassman (head) and could not be happier.
                  I still have that Bassman. LOVE the organic crunch i get out of it.
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                    My uncle has a Blues Jr, not sure what "edition" it is, but he bought it new 12 years ago.

                    I think it has a really beautiful clean (and breakup) tone, full of character. With loads of tube chime, and a lovely spring reverb .

                    Uncle doesn't like it very much, he says . Mostly because he can't get a saturated lead tone without use of an OD pedal. :/

                    My Blackstar Ht-20mkII sounds so "bland" and "dull" in comparison (but does have an overdrive channel). And isn't as ... "ice picky" as the Blues Jr. can get.

                    I'd love to own one of each amps...

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                      Blooze Jr....c'mon. I have heard dozens of them (owned a few) and they all sound like c**p.


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                        thats bs. while they arent the best amps out there, they can be made to sound just fine. even stock, twist the knobs right and they sound fine. i do prefer a speaker change since the stock one aint great


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                          I never thought they sounded bad- I could certainly do gigs with one, especially on the clean channel with pedals.
                          Dave, Ambassador/Writer/Artist for Seymour Duncan


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                            I really don't understand the appeal of these modern Fenders. Seriously? Too bright, boxy, no low end, nasty upper mids, but Shane at Fender is laffing all the way to the bank. You can bet that NO ONE at Fender uses these amps.
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                              I prefer the overdriven of Pro Jr, more.