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    Hey, I'm good at this game

    I would have two guitars in my line.. first one would be the Tele I'm currently having built: Bolt-In oiled Rosewood neck, thinline mahogany body with maple cap, humbucker in neck, standard tele bridge pup, and a piezo in the bridge.

    The second would be a semi-hollow similar to the Heritage Blues Deluxe. I would have an unfinished Wenge neck set 3/4 of the way into the body to allow for a string-thru body design. The body itself would be flame maple with a honeyburst finish and dual humbuckers ('59/Seth Lover).

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      Can I just buy out Sihr or Tom Anderson? is that in the rules?

      OK, here's one idea:

      Back routed Charvel Surfcaster body, mahogany/maple bent top.

      Maple neck, fat c or v profile. Angled Jackson headstock. med jumbo frets, custom compensated nut, gotoh locking vintage fender replacement tuners.

      Tele ashtray bridge with duncan antiquity tele pu and wilkinson compensated brass tele saddles. Cream p90 in neck. Three way, Volume and Tone with no-load option.

      As for finish, fluo orange paisley with matching headstock would be cool.

      A custom set of pickups that go from 59 to p90 to antiquity tele with the turn of a knob would be a very cool addition. Perhaps an advanced form of variax technology that intercepts the guitar's signal after the pickups and alters the pickup sound while keeping the guitar's tonal signature would be a good way of doing that.

      hell, while I'm at it a micro version of the transperformance tuning system would be cool, too.
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      ...but then again, I'm so deaf I can't even hear myself fart.


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        Ahhh.... the transperformance system... I can't believe I forgot that. Sign me up for that too (hey, it's only 3 and a half grand, right?
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          Funny you should mention this... I started drawing up a body design a couple of weeks ago.

          Bolt-on 24-3/4" mahogany & pau ferro neck. LP shape below the waist. Two horns shaped almost like an SG's, but with the upper (bass side) horn extending farther toward the headstock to provide more of a neck pocket. Parallelogram pattern for neck bolts with a contoured heel like a Godin to get better access to the upper frets.

          Semi-hollow mahogany body with a quilted maple cap, and cat-eye f-holes similar to an acoustic Rickenbacher's. Tiger's eye dye and black binding.

          Seth Lovers for a tame version, and Phat Cats for the savage beast version.


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            I would try to do something using the idea of having a hollow or semi hollow body, except without the F-holes. Maybe a brighter, biting, sounding heavy wood for the body, only it would be hollow so it could have great resonance and fullness. Plus it would be light and probably allow real fat tone while being very articulate and full of life... If i only had the money...
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              Hmmm....I think I might have to design a personal luthier instead


              Good with her hands

              Makes nice guitars

              Oh, and of course, likes long walks on the beach