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  • G&L!

    I'm gonna be buildin a Warmoth pretty soon here and I'm EXTREMELY interested in G&L's PTB tone control system. Any of you ever pull up the pickguard and figure out how they did that?

    Is it just a special kind of pot or what?


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    I think PTB probably stands for "passive treble bass", since it's a volume/ master treble/ master bass setup.

    After building my Warmoth strats, and using a stock wiring scheme with just a jumper added to get tone on the bridge pickup, I prefer the tone I get with that rather than my G &L - the G & L uses a 500k and 1000k pot, so maybe that's the difference - makes for a brighter ax, IMO.

    the idea of master treble/ master bass seems good in theory, though

    you might find additional info on G & L's site.
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      yeah, my idea is to use the guitar's tone controls for all my sound changes while gigging because I don't like to have a lot of pedals and my amp only has High and Low my idea is to max the EQ on the amp, then tweek with the guitar while I'm playing.

      a bass cut seems like the best way to get some twang out of my Strat even if it's got, say, Hot Rails...but maybe it's just a pipe dream.

      any more info?
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        Hit the G & L site, and down load the schematic, If you can't do that for some reason I can send it to you ... It's real simple, the treble is a normal tone knob 500k-A with a .022uF ( 22nF) cap; then bass control is a 1Meg-C with a .0022uF ( 2.2nF ) the bass control is simply a high pass filter, the pot controls the attenuation level, they wire the bass control after the treble control and then on to the volume knob 500k-A (some models have a 220pF cap across the volume pot, and the S-500's had a
        1,000pF (1 nF ) cap straight to ground from the pup selector to punch up the mids a bit ). Check the site for the schematics.
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          The G&L Forum, has wiring schematics.

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