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  • Marshall 1965A

    What do you guys think about these cabs? They're the 4x10's. I would prefer 12's, but I have a chance to get one for $300. Anybody have any experience with these with some pointers about what to expect from it?

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    Re: Marshall 1965A

    I didn't realize they were 10s???? I thought they were 12s? Anyway they sound awesome! They're loaded with Celestion 75watts and can be set for mono or stereo. They are METAL cabs without a doubt. Mids are accented... really nice crunch to them. I play my Dual Rectifier through an oversized cab loaded with Celestion 35s and it produces a VERY deep chunky tone. But when I plugged into my buddies 1960A it was amazingly different. It really balanced the natural deep voice of my Mesa well.

    By the way... $300 is a very good price.

    But as with anything else... you HAVE to play through it first. It is a great cab, but if it's not the tone you want then I'd pass on it. Or you can buy it anyway and sell it on eBay for $150 more LOL!
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      Re: Marshall 1965A

      Sorry, know nothing about this cab, and have never been a fan of Marshall cabs, either. You didn't mention what head you will be using, nor is it in your sig ...
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